Friday, February 19, 2010

Campus workshop on Refworks

NAS faculty members Lyn Holley and Teresa Lamsam attended a RefWorks training session conducted by our own Linda Parker on February 18 in the UNO Library. RefWorks is the electronic equivalent of a research assistant, made freely available to UNO students and faculty. This system is relatively user friendly and very powerful. It imports, labels, sorts and files any electronically accessible resource in each user's own personal library/data base. Once the resource is "filed", RefWorks will assemble bibliographies and will format the bibliography and document automatically according to specified requirements - that is, a document with citations prepared for a journal that requires APA 5 format can be reformatted automatically to meet the format requirements of a different publication. The library/data base can be searched electronically, and references can be pulled up and used for many applications. UNO users can download RefWorks can be downloaded from the Library Home Page, and speed up their research. Call Linda Parker for more information (554-3207). Upcoming workshops: Friday, February 26, 1-3 pm (library lab 107) and Saturday, March 6, 10 am-12 pm (library lab 107).