Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Independence of Eddie Rose

The play, directed by NAS faculty member Sheila Rocha, was presented this weekend at The Rose Theater. Cast members were:
Jorge Gomez-Chichimec-Eddie Rose
Moody Plenty Wounds-Lakota-Lenny boyfriend
Richard Barea-Omaha-Sam detention officer
Andre Nunez-Winnebago, Chicano-Mike
Antoine Edwards-Lakota/Omaha-Healer
Andrea Rodriguez-Navajo-Theia
Pat Lamere-Winnebago-Spirit Woman
Cathy Bauer-Kahterine
Cassie Rhoads-Cheyenne-Auntie Thelma
Serena Valerio-Mescalero Apache/Pure'pecha-spirit daughter
Winya Edwards-Lakota/Omaha-spirit daughter

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