Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New online magazine launches

Native Literatures: Generations
Publishing literature of substance and consequence

NLG is dedicated to providing a global forum for original works of literature by writers from the indigenous nations of North America and Hawai‛i. Our goal is to support writers in their endeavors by offering a venue linking them with new audiences and potential publishers. Moreover, our magazine is designed to generate funds to provide financial support for writers through scholarships for their studies or for specific writing projects.

NLG is a quarterly, with content accessible online for three months with rights reverting to authors thereafter.

NLG is seeking original, unpublished works by writers from the indigenous nations of North America and Hawai’i. We publish in all genres: poetry, fiction (short stories but also novel excerpts if self-contained), creative nonfiction, drama and mixed-genre/media. We are seeking works that extend this body of literature by avoiding cliché and trite conventions through risk-taking and experimentation, but also through distinctive and engaging voices, exciting and innovative approaches. For full submission guidelines, please visit our website. For information, contact info@nativeliteratures.com or submissions@nativeliteratures.com
In our first issue: Poems by: ku‛ualoha ho‛omanawanui, Kim Blaeser, Eric Gansworth, Laura Tohe, and Carter Revard
Stories by: Carter Revard, Lee Maracle, Geary Hobson, A.A. Carr, and Philip H. Red Eagle
Essays by: D.L. Birchfield and Diane Glancy And a segment of Laura Tohe’s Libretto: Enemy Slayer

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